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A company which connects all implemented projects. The idea behind Bluewayme is to implement positive changes in the world around us. We strive to make mobility go beyond the current framework. Through several activities  and projects, which are a leading element of Bluewayme, we want to build values and tools, which would be modern and closer to our clients.


Relocer is a system that significantly reduces the cost of relocating vehicles by renting them. It is dedicated to the entire RAC & Car-sharing industry. The system’s innovation lies in the fact that the aforementioned cost reduction brings measurable benefits at many levels by combining the capabilities of vehicle owners with the needs of travellers.

Renterin is a portal promoting the idea of renting and sharing mobility devices with a clear exposure towards the local market which surrounds us. We mean cars, motorbikes and even specialized vehicles, motorhomes and yachts. We connect customers directly with the owner of the device – this is what makes our company different.

VOZIK is an agglomeration project supporting mobility development in urban and suburban regions. Our mission is to integrate residents and their needs with already existing and unused opportunities. We focus on creating dedicated sites for the dynamic exchange of information among the inhabitants of municipalities, the development of a search engine for rental vehicles and a system to match “empty” relocations of rental companies and taxi corporations with people going in the same direction – exploiting the potentials available to residents and companies in neighbouring towns and cities. We try to make mobility go beyond the existing framework. Concern for the environment is also a key element of our activities, so we are trying to create awareness of the existence of ’empty’ journeys and CO2 emissions. By reducing these, we want to make travel and transport easier and give users a sense of care for the world around us. We also want to dedicate our solutions to people with different degrees of disability. The conscious and gradual introduction of technological innovations must go hand in hand with care for everyone – without exclusion or division.


The project aims to promote an eco-friendly approach to travelling, sightseeing and discovering new places in Poland. Thanks to TuYest you will find interesting places in your region that you may not have heard about before, you will rent a room in a hotel taking care of ecology and promoting the idea of Zero Waste, you will have a delicious meal in a restaurant offering healthy food. Our mission is also to support local eco-entrepreneurs who operate within the framework of sustainable development and environmental protection.


ASAPO is a team of people who, by combining almost 20 years of experience in parallel with passion, meet the needs of companies using and managing fleets – we support and optimize processes related to the operational service of vehicles. The implementation of the tasks entrusted to us while maintaining the highest standards, ethics and business culture is our mission. We are responsible for organizing all necessary processes so that our client can focus on the key areas of his business. We dedicate our service to car rental & car-sharing companies, car dealers, car fleet management, insurance companies, companies with their fleets and individual clients.


We create projects which represent values of great importance to us. Our company wants the industry to make conscious decisions about mobility development. Caring for the natural environment and making travel easier are the key elements of our business. We enable our clients to use the benefits of travelling for building personal relationships. We also want to dedicate our solutions to people with various degrees of disability. The conscious and gradual introduction of technological innovations must be introduced with thought for everyone – without exclusions and divisions. This is our shared big deal. We want a world that will be closer to each of us, and its natural good shall return to full health and remains for us and future generations.




rozwój technologii


Mariusz Puto


The originator with 17 years of experiance in the car rental industry. He explores and implements new ideas in automotive with passion. He has been creating ASAPO – Fleet Support & Operations since 2018.

Rafał Paszkowski


Over 15 years of experience in creating IT systems. He has been managing his own company for 12 years, which deals with supporting companies in the field of business processes’ launch and development.

Maciej Hazy


Since 1995 the IT and bussines consulting industry. Since 2007 he has been advising companies on development using information systems. Business analyst and manager of many projects.